UMC Utrecht chooses MRIguidance as commercialisation partner

Parties sign collaboration agreement, working towards a radiation free bone imaging method.

Utrecht, September 29th, 2016 – UMC Utrecht and spin-off company MRIguidance have signed an exclusive licence agreement and a collaboration agreement today. The aim of the partners is to jointly bring the proprietary technology of BoneMRI to the clinic. BoneMRI is a method that allows for visualization of Bone with MRI. Until now CT and X-ray are used to visualize and characterize the bony anatomy. With this collaboration, UMC Utrecht and MRIguidance take an important step in challenging this status quo. According to Peter Seevinck, inventor and co-founder of MRIguidance, commercializing BoneMRI is the best way to bring this research to the patient. “It is evident that the use if ionizing radiation for imaging, like in X-ray and CT imaging, should be minimized, as it increasing the chance of cancer at later age, especially in young patients”, says Seevinck. “Although a lot of effort is put in low dose CT scanners, real alternatives for these methods are limited. Together with UMC Utrecht we are going to change this and offer a good alternative with BoneMRI.” In the coming four years MRIguidance and UMC Utrecht are joining forces to further develop and clinically validate the BoneMRI technology. This technology nicely fits the goals of the imaging division of the UMC Utrecht, being a worldwide, leading center for translational medical imaging and image analysis for personalized image-guided diagnosis and therapy. At the end of this four year period BoneMRI is planned to be available for clinical use in hospitals.


MRIguidance is a spin-off company of UMC Utrecht developing the medical imaging technique BoneMRI. MRIguidance is founded in 2016 by MR physicist Peter Seevinck, image scientist Marijn van Stralen and entrepreneur Roel Raatgever. The first research resulting in the proprietary BoneMRI technology dates back to 2013. MRIguidance is an UtrechtInc graduate company.
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