Transparency, integrity, trust and expertise: pillars for marketing BoneMRI

Transparency, integrity, trust and expertise: pillars for marketing BoneMRI

By: Manuela Escobar

Origins of BoneMRI

In 2012, during his research efforts to visualise metal seeds with MRI, Peter Seevinck, Physicist and Associate Professor at UMC Utrecht, made an unexpected discovery. In addition to capturing soft tissue, the MRI images obtained also revealed boney structures. This quite rare finding made him realise that fine-tuning the MR protocol could unlock access to additional data and relevant information that was not yet being used by healthcare professionals.

At the same time, as a father of two young daughters that had to undergo x-ray examinations for hip dysplasia diagnosis, Peter was well aware about the potential risks of exposing his children to ionising radiation. However, he was equally aware that there seemed to be no viable alternative. Or was there, perhaps, a possibility yet to be explored?

Inspired by both his scientific inquiries and his experiences as a father, Peter started wondering if the concept of a radiation-free method for examining the bones could be possible. He was not going to let this opportunity slip away so he went next door to Marijn van Stralen’s office, Image Scientist and Deep Learning Engineer, who welcomed Peter’s idea, recognizing the groundbreaking potential of BoneMRI to change the landscape of medical imaging.

Since then, Peter and Marijn partnered to found MRIguidance, a company whose ultimate goal is to make radiation-free bone imaging accessible to improve healthcare for doctors, patients, and society as a whole because it really does care!

Marketing pillars of BoneMRI

After years of fine-tuning the algorithm, carrying out research studies and obtaining the necessary regulatory clearances (read more about these topics in our blog), BoneMRI is a reality today.

BoneMRI vs. CT comparison

Serious and dedicated professionals work hard to make BoneMRI as sharp, fast and efficient as possible. It is an imaging alternative that offers: no radiation, one-stop-shop, better diagnostic information, reduced costs and seamless integration in the clinical workflow. While these qualities certainly stand out in marketing, at MRIguidance our aim goes beyond mere sales. We understand the profound impact our product can have on people’s well-being and health. Therefore, we adhere to strict guidelines when crafting our communications and marketing campaigns.

We firmly believe that trust, integrity, transparency and expertise are of utmost importance. Our communication strategy is built upon these pillars, which play a crucial role in (1) fostering patient trust, (2) upholding ethical responsibility, (3) ensuring compliance with regulations, and (4) nurturing sustainable relationships and reputation. Our commitment guarantees that everyone receives accurate information, empowering them to make educated choices about our product.

Patient Trust
We believe transparent marketing builds trust between healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, and patients. When messages accurately reflect the capabilities and limitations of healthcare products or services, patients can make informed decisions about their health. At MRIguidance we are very honest about the features our product has, but also about its limitations. Everything can be found in the Instructions For Use documentation.

Ethical Responsibility
We carry a moral obligation to prioritise patient well-being. Misleading or deceptive promises can harm patients and doctors by creating false expectations. Marketing with integrity upholds ethical standards and ensures that our communication is always in alignment with our commitment to improving healthcare. One example of how this is put into practice at MRIguidance is we DO NOT claim we cure cancer, but what CAN avoid a patient’s exposure to harmful ionising radiation.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory bodies, such as the FDA in the United States or the Notified Bodies in Europe, enforce guidelines and regulations to protect public health. Transparency is essential for complying with these regulations. Companies must accurately represent the benefits and risks of their healthcare products, provide clear information, and ensure that claims are supported by scientific evidence.

BoneMRI is CE and FDA cleared, these marks were obtained after years of research and clinical trials. All the papers that support our clearances are published in the Clinical Evidence section on our website. In addition, we adhere to Post Market Surveillance practices to diligently monitor BoneMRI and continuously receive feedback from our clients. As an example, throughout the years and as foreseen by Peter many years ago, we have learned from spine surgeons and orthopedists that BoneMRI would be ideal for children and adolescents because they are the most susceptible population to develop cancer from exposure to radiation. Our algorithm is now robust enough to consider this market need, therefore we are now working on the development of BoneMRI for adolescents 12 years+. More details about researching the potential clinical applications of BoneMRI can be found on our website in the Research section.

Sustainable Relationships and Reputation
Internally, the team of MRIguidance consists of committed and highly educated professionals who consistently contribute their knowledge to improving BoneMRI. Externally, we partner with reputable hospitals and healthcare professionals known for their proficiency in their respective areas. There is expertise behind the design and improvement of our product, which translates into a software with the highest standards. This, along with client service, allows us to nurture sustainable relationships fostering long-term connections.

The four pillars for marketing BoneMRI and team efforts have helped MRIguidance throughout the years in maintaining the initial purpose that inspired co-founders Peter and Marijn to walk down this road. In conclusion, the well-being of patients, both physically and mentally, as well as the trust and expectations of healthcare providers, hinge on the claims and commitments made about our product. As we are well aware of this, we stick to the four pillars for marketing BoneMRI. By upholding these values, we can ensure that marketing efforts made by MRIguidance contribute to a healthier and more ethical healthcare industry for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.