The SI joint as you have never seen it before

Professor Jans presents BoneMRI of the pelvis at the ESSR conference in Lisbon.

Lisbon, June 29th, 2019 – Professor Jans, radiologist at the Ghent University Hospital has presented preliminary results of a study of BoneMRI of the Pelvis for a large groups of radiologists. Under the title “the SI-joint as you have never seen it before” he impressed his audience at the yearly conference of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR). With BoneMRI he is now able to visualise both Soft tissue and bone lesions from one imaging exam.

The sacroiliac joint connects the pelvis to the spinal column. Degenerative diseases or autoimmune diseases can cause damage to this joint, resulting in lower back pain. In order to make a correct diagnosis, a radiologist preferably would want to see signs of inflammation like oedema which is visible on MRI. However, to see the lesions of the bone, such as erosions of bone growth, he needs to make a CT scan. With BoneMRI, both tissues can be examined from one imaging exam.

“The indication that professor Jans has presented at the ESSR is an important application of BoneMRI of the pelvis.” according to Peter Seevinck, CSO of MRIguidance, ”It has been a pleasure to collaborate with professor Jans and his very skilled team.” The results of the complete study performed in the Ghent University hospital will be published in a beginning of 2020 paper later this year. At the same time MRIguidance aims to make BoneMRI for the Pelvis available for clinical use.