Jun 12-14

@NOF Congress and NOV Jaarcongres 2024
in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Combined Congress NOF & NOV

The Nordic Orthopaedic Federation has joined forces with the Nederlands Orthopedic Vereniging to organise the 61st Congress with an innovative scientific programme. It is a great way to bring together the orthopaedic and traumatological specialists from all around the Nordic countries.

May 15-18

@Global Spine Congress 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand

Award winners for Best AO Spine Research Abstract

Dr. Gregor Fischer and his team present the results of the diagnostic evaluation of cervical spine fractures using BoneMRI at the AO Spine Global Spine Congress in Bangkok and receive award for Best AO Spine Research Abstract.

Apr 10-13

@iMAST 2024 in San Diego, USA

International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques

Leading spine surgeons, innovative researchers, and the most advanced spine technologies come together in an international forum to demonstrate and discuss recent advances in spine surgery.

Mar 20-22

@BASS 2024 in Bournemouth, UK

British Association of Spine Surgeons (BASS) 2024

With a programme covering all aspects of spine care with a principal theme of ‘Controversies in spine trauma’, BASS 2024 ensures there is a rich environment for educational discussion and debate.

Feb 28-Mar 3

@ECR 2024 in Vienna, AUS

Findings on BoneMRI Unveiled by Researchers at ECR 2024

Experts from UMC Utrecht, UZ Ghent, and Amsterdam UMC unveil their latest findings on BoneMRI research. Meanwhile, Siemens Healthineers launches BoneMRI on its digital Marketplace, spotlighting its effortless integration and plug-and-play convenience.”

Feb 14-17

@ASSR 2024 in Las Vegas, USA

American Society of Spine Radiology

Prof. Johan Van Goethem from Vitaz presents BoneMRI at the esteemed American Society of Spine Radiology’s annual meeting. MRIguidance networks with industry peers, collaborating to enhance treatments and improve the quality of life for those with back and neck pain and spine pathology.

Feb 12-16

@AAOS 2024 in San Francisco, USA

Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Members of the MRIguidance team made their inaugural appearance at the annual AAOS meeting, introducing orthopedic surgeons and industry experts to BoneMRI and its wide-ranging benefits for spinal, hip, and other anatomical regions.

Nov 9-10

@BSS 2023 in Liverpool, UK

45th Annual Meeting of the British Scoliosis Society

Healthcare professionals and providers involved in the care of paediatric and adult patients with spinal deformities will attend and actively participate in BSS 2023. MRIguidance along with its partner in the UK, Ovidius, will attend the event. 

Oct 18-21

@NASS 2023 in Los Angeles, USA

38th Annual Meeting of North American Spine Society

The spine field is growing tremendously. Keeping ourselves updated on the latest education, research and technology, as well as introducing BoneMRI to North American surgeons is our objective at NASS 2023. 

Sept 15-16

@Imaging Arthritis Symposium in Ghent, Belgium

Visit our booth during the Imaging Arthritis Symposium

MRIguidance on-site in the beautiful city of Ghent during the #ImagingArthritisSymposium, where radiologists and rheumatologists gain insights into the latest developments in arthritis imaging.

June 28-July 1

@State of Spine Surgery Think Tank 2023 in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

BoneMRI, the first radiation-free 3D imaging of bone and soft tissue

CSO, Peter Seevinck, will explain how BoneMRI is enabling and economizing computer assisted spine surgery workflows.

April 18-20

@BritSpine 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland

Making Synthetic CT available
to you: Q&A Sessions

BoneMRI experts Rik Jacobs and Marijn van Stralen answer questions from surgeons and radiologists at BritSpine 2023.

March 17

@UMC in Utrecht, The Netherlands | 09:00 – 16:15

Utrecht Spine Course 2023

‘Adult Spinal Deformities’ is the overarching theme of this course where concepts are shared for the clinical care of patients with spinal deformities, discuss various surgical techniques and introduce pathways for future improvement of this population.

Nov 3-4

@BSS 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Making Synthetic CT available
to you: Q&A Sessions

BoneMRI experts Rik Jacobs and Marijn van Stralen answer questions from surgeons and radiologists at The British Socliosis Society Annual Conference & Exhibition 2022.

Oct 12-15

@NASS in Chicago, Illinois

National Association of Spine
Specialists 2022

BoneMRI is introduced to spine specialists and medical manufacturers to enhance their day-to-day workflow and care of patients at NASS 2022.

June 15

@QMSKI 2022 in Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Harnessing AI to Deliver Zero
Radiation Bone Imaging

Peter Seevinck, CSO and inventor of BoneMRI, speaks during the 23rd International Workshop on Quantitative Musculoskeletal Imaging.

May 7-12

@ISMRM-ESMRMB 2022 in London, England

Joint Annual Meeting ISMRMESMRMB

CTO, Marijn van Stralen, on the lookout for new research,
developments and applications in the field of magnetic resonance at the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2022.