Clinical Evidence

Adolescents 12 years+

Morphometric and clinical comparison of MRI-based synthetic CT to conventional CT of the hip in children

Pediatric Radiology
Iwasaka-Neder et al. 2024

Synthetic CT Assessment of Lesions in Children With Rare Musculoskeletal Diseases

Upadhyay et al. 2023

MRI-based synthetic CT for assessment of the bony elements of the sacroiliac joints in children

Insights into Imaging
Schiettecatte et al. 2024

The three‑dimensional coupling mechanism in scoliosis and its consequences for correction

Spine Deformity
Costa et al. 2023

Planning & navigation

Preoperative screw planning with MRI - Evaluation and comparison of 3D MRI and synthetic CT

European Spine Journal
Rommelspacher et al. 2024

Magnetic resonance imagingbased synthetic computed tomography of the lumbar spine for surgical planning: a clinical proof-of-concept

Neurosurgical Focus
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Robot-assisted screw fixation in a cadaver utilizing magnetic resonance imaging–based synthetic computed tomography: toward radiation-free spine surgery.

Journal of Neurosurgery: Case Lessons 
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Cervical Spine

Bone visualization of the cervical spine with deep learning-based synthetic CT compared to conventional CT: A single-center noninferiority study on image quality

European Journal of Radiology
van der Kolk et al. 2021

Lumbar Spine

MRI-based synthetic CT of the lumbar spine: Geometric measurements for surgery planning in comparison with CT

European Journal of Radiology
Morbée et al. 2021

Pelvic Region

Association of anatomical variants of the sacroiliac joint with bone marrow edema in patients with axial spondyloarthritis

Skeletal Radiology
Vereecke et al. 2023

Common incidental findings on sacroiliac joint MRI: Added value of MRI-based synthetic CT

European Journal of Radiology
Morbée et al. 2023

MRI AI Use Case: Synthetic CT Images for Fracture Evaluation

Journal of the Belgian Society of Radiology
Saveyn et al. 2022

MRI-based synthetic CT shows equivalence to conventional CT for the morphological assessment of the hip joint

Journal of Ortopaedic Research
Florkow et al. 2021

Anatomical variation of the sacroiliac joints: an MRI study with synthetic CT images

Insights into Imaging
Vereecke et al. 2023

MRI-based synthetic CT of the hip: can it be an alternative to conventional CT in the evaluation of osseous morphology?

European Radiology
Morbée et al. 2022

MRI-based Synthetic CT in the Detection of Structural Lesions in Patients with Suspected Sacroiliitis: Comparison with MRI

Jans et al. 2020