MRIguidance appoints Eva Hukshorn as CFOO

As a fast growing company, MRIguidance makes a valuable addition to the leadership team.

Utrecht, October 18, 2021 – Med-Tech MRIguidance has appointed Eva Hukshorn as its new Chief Financial and Operations Officer (CFOO). She will be responsible for streamlining operations and finance and making MRIguidance ready for the next growth stage. With her extensive experience in scaling companies from an operational perspective, Eva is a valuable addition to the leadership team.

Hukshorn has almost 20 years of experience working as an external consultant, advisor or participating member of management for companies in a variety of sectors and coached over 50 founders and management teams. She is particularly strong in creating strategies, translating them into roadmaps and KPIs, and helping teams go through these transitions.

Most recently, she worked as a CFOO for Lone Rooftop which was sold to HubStar. Prior to that she helped shape the financial and operational organisation for companies like Hardt Hyperloop (transportation); RE:BORN (investors); Xinaps (ConTech); and OVG Real Estate (developer). Prior to that, she worked 7 years as an investment banker in London, New York and Amsterdam.

Hukshorn will give the company a fresh perspective and a solid foundation for the upcoming challenges growing companies confront.

From left to right: BoneMRI for scoliosis in 14 year old patient & BoneMRI for hip dysplasia in 15 year old patient

BoneMRI as a seamless scalable cloud solution

MRIguidance remains committed to pushing the boundaries of medical imaging, ensuring patients receive the best care possible while equipping healthcare providers with the tools they need. This latest version further reduces lead times for product upgrades, such as additional scanner support or improved reconstruction algorithms, without interrupting the day-to-day clinical use. With its scalable cloud infrastructure, it supports parallel reconstructions of large volumes of BoneMRI imaging studies, increasing capacity with respect to local infrastructure.