Kliniek Lange VoorhouT adopts BoneMRI to optimize clinical workflow

All patients with back problems in The Netherlands can now benefit from a radiation-free examination.

Utrecht, May 7, 2024 – Kliniek Lange VoorhouT, a distinguished private clinic in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, has taken a leap forward in patient diagnosis, monitoring, treatment planning and care by incorporating BoneMRI in their clinical workflow. With a legacy of over 25 years and nationwide recognition for its exceptional expertise in neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and rehabilitation medicine; they now offer a faster and safer imaging modality to patients suffering from back problems.

The advantages BoneMRI provides to healthcare professionals and patients include:

  1. No radiation: Bone imaging without the need to expose patients or staff to harmful ionizing radiation.
  2. Improved patient-centered care: Reduced number of procedures and hospital visits simplifies the patient’s journey, while providing safer care and better treatment planning.
  3. Integrated in clinical workflow: Images are automatically reconstructed and forwarded to PACS, seamlessly integrated into the clinical workflow and compatible with all major MRI scanners.
  4. Better diagnostic information: From a single exam, images are intrinsically registered for patient-tailored diagnosis and treatment planning, increasing confidence.
  5. One-stop-shop: No burdensome pre-authorization for CT scans. Medical staff get all the information needed from a single MRI exam.
  6. Efficiency in operating room & beyond: Time is saved by eliminating 3D imaging in the operating room, reducing costs, and minimizing investments in O-arm or 3D imaging systems. Fewer imaging exams and hospital visits, alongside efficient, patient-tailored CAS/MIS workflows.

Additionally, BoneMRI stands out with features that include geometrically accurate bone morphology, Quantitative Hounsfield Unit contrast, a dedicated MRI sequence, and no hardware dependency. Kliniek Lange VoorhouT is a pioneer leading the way in adopting advanced medical imaging technology.