Grant for cloud-based AI platform

MRIguidance and Aidence collaborate to develop a cloud based platform for medical image data communication.

Utrecht, January 21st,  2019 – MRIguidance and Aidence, two artificial intelligence companies that focus on processing medical images join forces to develop a platform that communicates image data with hospitals. To this purpose they now have received a MIT R&D collaborations grant from the Region Utrecht. With this generic cloud platform hospitals will get a safe and standardised way of communicating medical image data to AI companies that work in the cloud.

“Many AI companies that focus on processing of medical images are facing similar challenges of communicating this patient data with hospitals.” says Marijn van Stralen, CTO at MRIguidance. “On the other side are the IT departments of hospitals approached by an increasing number of AI companies that want to communicate with their hospital systems. By working together on the development of a data communication platform, we can offer hospitals a better and standardised solution.

The MIT R&D Collaboration aims to stimulate innovative SME companies to innovate together. The regional focus ensures that the Region Utrechts focus domains Health and Smart are further being strengthened. The project will be completed within 1,5 year with a specific aim to also open the project up for other innovatieve AI companies.