Dutch orthopedic surgeons introduced to BoneMRI

Inventor of BoneMRI has presented his work at the Dutch Orthopedics Conference.

Amsterdam, January 30th 2020 – Founder of MRIguidance Peter Seevinck has presented BoneMRI of different anatomies to an audience of several hundred orthopedic surgeons at the conference of the Nederlandse Orthopedie Vereniging (NOV). When Peter presented BoneMRI first as a CT scan, but later revealed that it actually was an image derived from an MRI exam, the surprise in the audience was audible.

“Every time it works again” says Seevinck, clearly enjoying his little joke, “and not only with orthopedic surgeons, but also with radiologists. I can always surprise them with a CT image, that actually is not from a CT scan, but is from an MRI scan; it is BoneMRI.” BoneMRI has many potential orthopedic applications. Specifically, the combined visualisation of bone and the surrounding soft tissue from one exam, was a feature that was greatly valued. Additionally, orthopedic surgeons thought radiation free imaging of bone was a great benefit for their patients, especially for the pediatric patients.