BoneMRI joins Digital Marketplace of Siemens Healthineers

Celebrating Innovation: MRIguidance’s BoneMRI imaging software joins the Digital Marketplace of Siemens Healthineers

Utrecht, February 8, 2024 — MRIguidance announced that its BoneMRI imaging software will be part of the teamplay digital health platform, which enables your digital transformation with the goal to turn data into cost savings and better care. BoneMRI software will be released on the Digital Marketplace of Siemens Healthineers, which provides an open and secured environment for a wide range of healthcare stakeholders to share, access, and analyse data. It is the entry point for connecting users with an ever-growing portfolio of applications from solution partners and Siemens Healthineers, covering clinical, operational, and financial functions in healthcare delivery, and enabling them to get the most out of users healthcare data.

BoneMRI is a software solution integrated in the clinical workflow that generates a 3D CT-like image to accurately visualise bone structures. The generated image is derived from an MRI scan and creates new possibilities for bone imaging without exposing the patient to harmful radiation. BoneMRI is an MDR CE Class IIa medical device certified for the pelvic region, cervical and lumbar spine for clinical use in Europe and has FDA 510(k) clearance for the pelvic region and lumbar spine for marketing in the USA.

What are the characteristics of BoneMRI?

  • Radiation-free bone imaging

  • Geometrically accurate bone morphology

  • Quantitative HU contrast

How does BoneMRI work?

  • Seamless integration in the clinical workflow: BoneMRI is automatically reconstructed and forwarded to PACS

  • Dedicated ​​protocol: 4-minute MRI sequence to extract the right data from the scanner

Customers who access BoneMRI through the Siemens Healthineers Digital Marketplace can rely on Siemens Healthineers for guidance and support throughout the adoption process. This collaborative approach between Siemens Healthineers and MRIguidance underscores the commitment to innovation and the delivery of advanced solutions to healthcare providers.

“We are pleased to announce that our BoneMRI imaging software is now part of the teamplay digital health platform of Siemens Healthineers. The launch on the Digital Marketplace will allow a large user base around the world to explore, trial and deploy the next-generation BoneMRI technology much more easily” said Marijn van Stralen, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at MRIguidance. “This brings us further to realize our vision of making radiation-free bone imaging accessible to healthcare providers and patients across the world”.

About MRIguidance

MRIguidance is a Dutch medical imaging software company founded in 2016 that leverages the technological possibilities in medical imaging to benefit value-based healthcare and to deliver safety for patients and healthcare professionals. The company enables radiologists and orthopaedic surgeons by providing seamlessly integrated radiation free BoneMRI in regular imaging workflows, to visualise and characterise the osseous and soft tissue structures from one imaging exam.

In 2023 MRIguidance expanded its presence from the EU to also serve the US market through offices in New York, and headquarters in Utrecht, the Netherlands.