Visualize bone and soft tissue in one exam, without radiation


BoneMRI is ideal to assist the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment planning of orthopaedic conditions.


Geometrically accurate bone morphology

Quantitative Hounsfield Unit contrast

Dedicated MRI sequence

No hardware dependency

Seamless integration

BoneMRI explained

Meet the founders of BoneMRI and discover the story behind its invention. Explore the numerous benefits software offers for diagnosis and Computer Assisted Surgery, and watch how seamlessly it integrates into the clinical workflow of healthcare professionals.

Available anatomies

Cervical Spine

Ideal for patients suffering from:

  • Radiculopathy
  • Degenerative disease
  • Osteophytes

Thoracic Spine

Ideal for patients suffering from:

  • Degenerative disease
  • Spine deformity

Lumbar Spine

Ideal for patients suffering from:

  • Degenerative disease
  • Bone density changes
  • Spine deformity
  • Spondylolisthesis

Pelvic Region

Ideal for patients suffering from:

  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Erosions
  • Avascular necrosis


Synthetic T1w imaging

Available for the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine

  • BoneMRI image + synthetic T1w image
  • High resolution 3D image with increased T1w contrast
  • Three distinct contrast types derived from a single source image: 1) the source 3D T1w image, 2) the synthetic T1w image with increased T1w contrast, and 3) the BoneMRI image

No radiation


Better diagnostic information

Integrated in clinical workflow

Reduce costs

“With BoneMRI for Adolescents the young patient can be spared a significant radiation dose, while the surgeon obtains accurate information in 3D. I can also see a great promise for navigation and robotic surgery!”
Prof. René M. Castelein | UMC Utrecht

for Adolescents

Radiation-free 3D bone imaging for those to whom radiation reduction matters the most.

  • Ideal for young patients suspected of common conditions in the pelvis & spine
  • Available for Total Spine and Pelvic Region
  • CE & FDA

Integration in clinical workflow

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