Open minded

Willingness to listen and accept different or new ideas and opinions


Smooth and continuous, with no apparent gaps between one part and the next


Consistently doing better to enhance value & quality


Working together towards a shared goal


Feeling or showing concern and kindness to others

What do we do?

We make radiation-free bone imaging accessible to you.

At MRIguidance we fully exploit the technological possibilities in medical imaging to benefit value-based healthcare and deliver safe patient care. We provide radiologists and orthopedic surgeons radiation-free BoneMRI to visualize and characterize bone structures.

How do we do it?

We uncover hidden information from MRI through a deep understanding of physics and Artificial Intelligence.

By combining human and artificial intelligence through a deep understanding of MRI physics with the newest image analysis and machine learning techniques, we can extract more useful information from existing MRI scanners.

Why do we do it?

We really do care!

Making radiation-free bone imaging accessible to improve healthcare for doctors, patients, and society as a whole. 


In 2016 MRIguidance was founded by MR physicist, Peter Seevinck; deep learning expert, Marijn van Stralen; and entrepreneur, Roel Raatgever, as a spin-off of the University Medical Center Utrecht in The Netherlands.

Meet our team

Open minded. Seamless. Improving. Collaborative. Caring.


Eva Hukshorn


With years of experience within various industries helping companies, teams and people from one level to another by bringing out their best potential is what makes Eva tick.


Marijn van Stralen

Co-founder & CTO

Marijn assures BoneMRI uses the most updated state of the art technique in medical imaging and AI, while tracing a road map and making sure customers’ needs are fulfilled.


Peter Seevinck

Co-founder & CSO

When people say something is impossible, MR physicist Peter Seevinck is driven to prove them wrong. This is how he discovered a way to visualize bone with MRI scanners.


Rik Jacobs


Understanding the real needs of the markets and coming with solutions to relieve the customer is what drives Rik. He is a team builder focused in facilitating, inspiring and connecting.


The team

Bram Kooiman

Deep Learning Engineer

Bram knows the ins and outs of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He enjoys making them come to life for the benefit of our society. 


Carrie Wismans

Head of Clinical Affairs

Carrie combines her experience with clinical research and medical device product management to collect and validate clinical data and evidence of BoneMRI.


David Sparks

Quality Assurance Officer

With a technical background, David ensures the quality and regulatory aspects of BoneMRI are met in this ever changing field of regulations for medical devices.


Derk Mus

Deep Learning Engineer

“You will only see it when you get it”. Driven by this, Derk makes the complex simple by developing deep learning methods to process data and build BoneMRI images.


Elco Oost

Medical Device Software Engineer

Elco contributes in all facets of bringing BoneMRI to the clinic. From application development & certification to product deployments & customer servicing.


Florian Calvet

DevSecOps Engineer

Florian focuses on making the BoneMRI software available to more users by implementing the latest cloud technologies, while keeping an eye on its security.


Jara Linders

Deep Learning Lead

Jara spends her time on the development and validation of the complex algorithms behind BoneMRI. She always keeps an eye out for opportunities to improve the company’s workflow.


Kees van Wijk

Medical Device Software Engineer

Kees has been in the medical domain for over 15 years. Constantly on the lookout for simple solutions essential to unlock doors to future adventures.


Manuela Escobar

Marketing & Communications

Inspired by the company’s purpose and values, Manuela’s mission is to let the world know BoneMRI exists so that as many people as possible can benefit from it.


Nina Straat

Clinical Study Manager

The best way to get something done is to begin! Nina combines her project management skills and enthusiasm to collect as much data as possible to further develop BoneMRI.


Rick Bergmans

Deep Learning Engineer

Rick creates clinically relevant deep learning-based solutions with high-quality and structured data pipelines. This helps healthcare envision the best bone out of their MRI data.


Roel Raatgever


Roel inspired and guided the team during the first five years. He will always be remembered as a kind and optimistic leader. Always concerned about others and driven to make a difference.


Sabata Lund

Clinical Study Manager

Conducting research with human subjects is a privilege and a responsibility. Sabata employs her expertise in research ethics and regulations.


Sven Pippel

Product Owner

Developing software products for healthcare is complex. Sven’s experience in product management combined with  knowlegde of the market, helps build better product releases.


Tijl van der Velden

Clinical MRI Specialist

Tijl implements sequences that deliver crisp images, hunt down artefacts, and optimize patient comfort; while ensuring the deep learning experts get the right information.


Walco van Loon

Development Team Advisor

Walco makes BoneMRI invisible to the user. He helps avoid pitfalls of medical software development, deployment and operation thanks to his experience of over 15 years.



Dream position

If you want to join a fun, fast growing and international team, please take a look at our vacancies. We are open to hear about you and your motivations, so feel free to reach out!


Advisory board

Addie Harris

Addie Harris

Advisory Board

Kornelis Poelstra

Kornelis Poelstra

Medical Advisory Board

René Castelein

René Castelein

Medical Advisory Board

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