We make radiation-free bone imaging accessible to you.


No radiation

Bone imaging without the need to expose patients or staff to harmful ionizing radiation.

Create a positive reputation.

Improved patient-centered care

Reduced number of procedures and hospital visits simplifies the patient’s journey, while providing safer care and better treatment planning.

Integrated in clinical workflow

Images are automatically reconstructed and forwarded to PACS, seamlessly integrated into the clinical workflow and compatible with all major MRI scanners.

Better diagnostic information

From a single exam, images are intrinsically registered for patient-tailored diagnosis and treatment planning, increasing confidence.


No burdensome pre-authorization for CT scans. Medical staff get all the information needed from a single MRI exam.

Efficiency in OR & beyond

Time, costs and invesments are saved by eliminating 3D imaging in the OR.

Fewer exams and hospital visits, with efficient, patient-tailored workflows.

BoneMRI is a software solution that generates a 3D CT-like image to visualize bone structures derived from an MRI scan.

Our partners

First human spine surgery based on BoneMRI

Dr. Kornelis Poelstra | The Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas

BoneMRI in University Hospital Ghent (BE)

Prof. Dr. Lennart Jans | University Hospital Ghent

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