We make radiation-free bone imaging accessible to you.

BoneMRI is a software solution that generates a 3D CT-like image to visualize bone structures derived from an MRI scan.

Why BoneMRI?


No radiation

Bone imaging without the need to expose the patient to harmful ionizing radiation.


The patient undergoes a single MRI exam and medical practitioners will have all the imaging information they need.

Better diagnostic information

From one exam, bone and soft-tissue images are intrinsically registered for diagnosis and treatment planning with increased confidence.

Integrated in clinical workflow

BoneMRI is automatically reconstructed and forwarded to PACS, seamlessly integrated in the clinical workflow. 

Reduce costs

Less imaging exams, less hospital visits, efficient workflows and reduced healthcare costs.

We really do care!

Our product


We uncover hidden information from MRI through a deep understanding of physics and Artificial Intelligence

Our partners

They trust us

“With BoneMRI, the efficacy of the pre-planning process for my robotic reconstruction cases is greatly improved. It reduces table time and many risks associated with even the most complex spinal surgery.”

Kornelis Poelstra

MD PhD – The Robotic Spine Institute of Las Vegas, USA

“BoneMRI is an important aid in the early diagnosis of diseases that could otherwise not be diagnosed until much later. We can now convert MRI images to CT-like images when there is suspicion of injuries in bone structures.”

Lennart Jans

Professor, Head of Clinics in musculoskeletal radiology University Hospital Ghent, Belgium

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FDA clearance for Lumbar Spine BoneMRI

FDA clearance for Lumbar Spine BoneMRI

BoneMRI, the world’s first imaging technique that visualizes both bone and soft-tissue from one imaging exam.
Now Healthcare professionals and patients in the USA can benefit from this radiation-free solution.

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