BoneMRI, adding 3D Bone visualisation to MRI

Get more information out of your MRI scanner.

BoneMRI, adding 3D Bone visualisation to MRI

BoneMRI will benefit doctors and patient care.

BoneMRI in your practice?

BoneMRI in your practice?


At MRIguidance we fully exploit the technological possibilities in medical imaging to benefit value-based healthcare and deliver safe patient care. We do that by combining a deep understanding of MRI physics with the newest image analysis and machine learning techniques. This way we can extract more useful information from existing MRI scanners.

We deliver radiologists and orthopedic surgeons radiation-free BoneMRI that visualizes and characterizes bone structures.


MRI is known for its superior soft tissue contrast. With BoneMRI we add bone imaging to the existing MR images. One imaging exam that visualizes all human tissues results in an optimized clinical workflow and better information for diagnosis and treatment planning. BoneMRI allows for radiation free bone imaging. More about BoneMRI >

BoneMRI in University Hospital Ghent in Belgium

Musculoskeletal radiologist professor Lennart Jans of the University Hospital Ghent in Belgium tells about his experience with validating the BoneMRI technology and using BoneMRI in clinical practice. Professor Jans uses BoneMRI currently on a daily basis in Ghent to scan patients suspected of suffering from sacroiliitis, a rheumatic disease of the SI joint in the pelvis.

Latest news

BoneMRI now available for lower back

BoneMRI now available for lower back

For the first time the involvement of both the vertebra and the soft tissue of the spine, in patients with chronic back pain, can be examined from a single medical imaging exam.
MRIguidance has extended its CE certificate of BoneMRI for usage in the lower back…

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U.S. Venture Capital Firm backs MRIguidance

U.S. Venture Capital Firm backs MRIguidance

Mammoth Scientific invests $1.25 Million in MRIguidance through its venture capital fund Mammoth Private Capital to enable further growth and prepare for market roll-out of BoneMRI in the U.S.
Utrecht, August 25th, 2021 – In addition to the 2020 investment…

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Get more info out of your MRI data


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